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Frequently asked questions

What kind of Artwork do you do?

A: Posters, Stickers, Coloring books, Bookmarks, Graphic arts/designs, T-Shirts, Digital files of art.

Can I commission you multiple orders?

A: Yes you can! If it goes over 50$ I give a 10% discount.

What are your forms of payment?

A: Cash, Cashapp or Paypal.

Do you take requests for commissions or go off inspiration?

A: Both! I have commissioners request x items or I mock designs for people to buy as well.

Celestial Watercolor Bear
Celestial Watercolor Bear

My Commission Discord Server

(click the Discord Icon)

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My Commission Status

What is my commission status?

This page will be updated every month. If you are unsure about my status please reach ​out to me in an email or on discord.

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Over All Status

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Requests Status

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Art Trades Status

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I create stickers that are 2x2 inches or larger in various styles of ​die cut, holographic, clear backings and more.

3$ each or 9$ for 10.

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8$​ each

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Coloring books

I hand draw all our coloring books and take requests on them for ​each page or booklet that I make.

5$ for 10 pages 15$ for 30 pages

T-Shirts &​ Jackets

25$ or up to 45$ each (S - M - ​L - XL - XXL)

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I create the bookmarks in two sizes, small and large in various ​themes and with fonts/names on them as well.

4$ each or 8$ for 2

Gr​aphic Designs

I create various artworks either by hand or ​photomanipulations of someones original characters, ​animals or fantasy ideas as digital prints, posters and more.

40​.00$ + 15$ to print as a poster

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Di​gital Drawings

Commission me to draw your OC as a full image or a bust, icon, or other ​wisely asked. P​ets, OCs, RPG Item​s, Scenes and more.

*DM for more info!

10$ - 50$+

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Map Making

What is a Map? I create maps for DND players, RPG games and more. ​These maps can be detailed or with just area locations and names

30$ (small less detailed) - 40$ (large detailed maps)

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Customer Shares

Share our Commissions and we will post it on our website that we made ​for you here!

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Ordering Form

wa​nt to order from us?

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Information About our Services

Commissioned artwork of a personal character(s), this Commission is or was digital and does not require physical shipping to the ​buyer unless the buyer has purchased the poster packet. The artwork has been approved by the buyer prior to payment and will ​be delivered digitally upon the finished time. (Personal characters or aka OC Characters are characters owned by the ​commissioner/designer who commissions me to make art of them, These artworks should not be reshared unless you are the ​owner of said character)

I hold every right to the produced Drawing - Digital work, not the commissioner. Therefore I´m allowed to use the copyrighted ​artwork to do the following;

  • Promote my art in any place or site other than DeviantArt or on my personal website.
  • Publish books with and or use as references of my said work as examples for other buyers to see.
  • To display it as posters, wallpapers, or icons.
  • Post it wherever needed or wanted such as Facebook or Instagram.

**Our Stickers / Artwork is not Open source, meaning please do not use our creations for your own use(s). The Artworks that ​showcase someone's characters are owned by the character's designer or owner - we do hold the right to make other art (such as ​stickers/tarot cards/magnets) of all our Unique art if we decide upon doing it. We will never Claim your character as ours in any of ​the products we make you!.**

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  • If you repost/share your artwork on DA or forum websites - please be sure to credit me appropriately.
  • Upon finished buyers will receive PSD/PNG files of their commission. Unless you have bought a physical item they will ​be mailed directly to your house/location of desire. Each physical mailed artwork will have a Tracking # and estimated ​delivery date.
  • Download all files as they do not stay in my file location for long. (I only keep them for 4 months)
  • I have the right to say no to any commission requests for any reason.
  • If money has not been sent yet, the commissioner has the right to cancel the commission within 5 days of request.
  • You agree to these terms at the moment your commission is paid in full to me.

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Customer Reviews

Here are some of our reviews!

Arya Stark#9945 On ​*Discord*

NOTN’s art is fantastic, and their prices are very ​affordable. With their realistic art style, their ​stickers are absolutely stunning. They were ​super friendly and very nice to work with, ​always making sure you were happy with the ​finished products. Fast and efficient, they did ​amazing work, and with a quick turnaround, you ​really couldn't ask for more from an artist. ​Definitely recommend commissioning them!

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Werge#1121 On ​*Discord*

I've ordered many manips from NOTN and I ​absolutely love all of them! She always goes above ​and beyond with the scenery and effects of the ​piece. She's also super easy and lovely to talk to ​when it comes to discussing your vision.

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Diana D. of Georgia

What haven't I purchased from Navarre? The ​obsession began with stickers, but quickly ​expanded to include prints, a T-shirt, and coloring ​books. I love how each piece blends cute with a bit ​of whimsy. The attention to detail for each piece is ​astonishing and they work so fast! I'm beginning to ​believe they're super human. I recommend them if ​you are looking to commission something ​beautiful.

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Even with a huge order, Navarre was patient ​enough to create the perfect artwork for our site, ​and we could not be happier with the finished ​product! Not only did she create 45 separate ​images from scratch, but she also took the time to ​prioritize all of the little details and making sure ​each one was done with care. Navarre is ​hardworking, kind, talented, and a great artist to ​commission if you are in need of something!”

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Awooo#0162 On ​*Discord*

Had an absolutely great experience with ordering ​a commission from Navarre! Super quick in taking ​my order and completing it, even ended up ​throwing in an actual manip when it was just an ​avatar commission. She was a joy to commission ​from start to finish and her prices are well worth it ​for the beautiful pieces of art she creates. You can ​tell she puts in a lot of work and detail into each ​image. Definitely will be ordering more ​commissions from her in the future!

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Click to leave a review!

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Here at Ursa’s Major aka N-O-T-N, we strive to create one-of-a-kind artwork that is ​unlike anything you can find on the market. We offer an extended selection of ​Premade-designed artwork or you can order customized art to your desires.

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